Beautiful Weather And Great Fishing

The weather here in Boca Grande has been like a Chamber of Commerce ad! The temperatures have been in the mid to upper seventies, sunny with a nice breeze. Sounds awful, right? Well the fish don’t think so! Fishing has been really good lately. Snook, big trout and redfish have all been coming aboard on recent trips and the rods have been staying bent with some crazy action. Snook fishing has been outstanding recently. 50 plus fish days have been the norm with the average size being around 24” with some 40” monsters mixed in! The cooler water temps have these fishing fighting super hard and making drags scream. The big trout like this cooler weather as well. Most of … Continue reading

August Fishing in Boca Grande Is Sizzling Hot!

August is a great time to catch a bunch of fish! Yeah, I know it is a little warm but the fishing can be outstanding. Tarpon, snook, redfish, trout, mackerel, snapper, grouper, tripletail, cobia, sharks and permit have all been caught on recent charters. How is that for some variety! Tarpon fishing has been outstanding lately. I have had a number of double digit days and the fish don’t seem to be going anywhere. Crabs, threadfin herring and  ladyfish have all been working well for live bait. The really cool part is how many fish I am catching on artificial! DOA Baitbusters and a variety of swimbaits have been wrecking them. The permit fishing on some of the nearshore reefs … Continue reading

2017 Hill Tide Dates for Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing

I have already had a bunch of inquires for the 2017 “Hill Tides” so I have decided to post the dates. These dates are simply very consistent times based upon the strongest tides of the year. They are ABSOLUTELY NOT the ONLY times for catching Tarpon in Boca Grande!  As good as the “Hill Tides” are, the rest of the year has plenty if not more action! Looking to book a tarpon fishing charter in Boca Grande? Start planning now! I am already close to half way booked and taking calls everyday. Even though I will miss fishing with you, if I can’t take you I will find you another great guide to get you in on some of Boca … Continue reading

Tight Lines To Start 2017

I just want to thank all of you for an amazing 2016. Finally finished the house and my daughters wedding went great! Now I will be able to get a few more fishing reports done since I’ll have a little more spare time.  Hope to see you all in 2017! January’s 2017 Fishing Report Absolutely beautiful weather has been here in Boca Grande and the fishing has really picked up. Red tide is all gone, bait is still around and the fish are chewing like mad! Redfish have been biting pretty well lately. I’m not putting up any crazy numbers, 5-10 fish, but I am consistently able to bring some nice reds to the boat. Most of the reds are … Continue reading

Late Summer Fishing Heats Up in Boca Grande!

The fishing so far this Summer has been almost as hot as the weather! This is without a doubt my favorite time of year to fish! Why? Variety! You can catch just about everything this time of year. Tarpon, snook, redfish, trout, snapper, cobia, tripletail and big sharks have all been caught recently. If you haven’t ever fished in Southwest Florida this time of year get ready for some rod bending action! Tarpon have been very cooperative. I have had some really good days recently chasing these big boys. Most of the fish are in the 75-100 pound range but I have hooked a few well over 150 lbs. Live bait, such as ladyfish and threadfin, have been getting plenty … Continue reading

Tarpon Season Is Rocking in Boca Grande!

The 2016 Boca Grande Tarpon fishing has started off red hot. The last two weeks of April were absolutely spectacular. I had a number of double digit days and I have already landed two fish over the 200 lb. mark. The tarpon migration is right on time as thousands of tarpon pour into Southwest Florida. I am literally catching tarpon all over the place. There are fish on the beach, in the pass, up the harbor and down in the sound! Not only that but it seems like more and more fish are arriving each day. If they all stay we are going to have one heck of a great year! I still have some openings left in June so … Continue reading

2016 Starts with Bent Rods!

The fishing to start 2016 has been really good! Big Trout, aka “Gators” are invading the flats, Redfish are still hitting, Sheepshead are all over and some nice Flounder have even showed up. The Redfish bite has been pretty steady lately. Most of the fish are in the 3lb-5lb range which is perfect if you are wanting to take a few home but I am catching some well over the 30″ mark. Most of the Redfish are hitting on shrimp which is one of my favorite baits to fishing this time of year. Shrimp are so effective and you never know what your going to catch! One cast a red the next cast a trout. The cast after that….???? Who … Continue reading

Welcoming The New Year Boca Grande Style!

Merry Christmas every one and Happy New Year!!! I hope all of you had an awesome 2015 and have an even better 2016. I would just like to tell everyone how very blessed I am to have all of you as clients and that you are truly a wonderful group. I can’t wait to see you all in 2016. The fishing so far in December has been crazy good, especially for big snook. I have been consistently catching fish in the 35″-40″ range and weighing as much as 25 lbs. I am not just catching a few fish either. I have been averaging 30-50 fish a trip. Hopefully we will continue to have a mild winter and this trend will … Continue reading

August fishing is getting hot!

Finally!! The fishing is getting as hot as the weather! We have had a ton of rain and weather in the Boca Grande area over the last 2 weeks and it was making fishing pretty tough. Now the weather has gotten into a normal summer time pattern and the fishing turned on like someone flicking a switch. Tarpon fishing was really good up until we had the weather I was mentioning. Generally the Tarpon move up river closer to Punta Gorda but I need a few more days to find exactly where they moved to and pattern them. I’m not complaining because everything else is chewing it up and I’ll keep you posted about the tarpon! The redfish are right … Continue reading

Boca Grande Tarpon Season In Full Swing

The 2015 Boca Grande tarpon fishing started a little early this year. April was spectacular this year and I boated a lot of really nice fish well over 100 lbs. The fish were packed into Charlotte Harbor and the fish were feeding very well. I had a lot of double digit days in April and the best part was that there were almost no other boats around. The action has continued into May as thousands of hungry Tarpon have moved into Boca Grande Pass and it’s surrounding waters. Huge spawn schools have been moving up into the harbor and then falling back into the pass. These schools generally feed pretty well and it is truly an awesome sight. The beaches … Continue reading

Winter snook are saving the day

        Snook are chewing it up! The fishing this past week, 1-19-15 thru 1-23-15, has been super! Lots of nice snook and I mean lots. I have been having 30 to 50 fish days all week. Not a ton of giants but a lot of fish in the 25″ to 28″ range averaging around 5lbs and they are great fighters in this cooler water. Don’t know what the coming cold front will do to the snook fishing but hopefully it will stay good!   The trout fishing has been really good as well. I finally found 4 or 5 areas with a ton of nice keepers and they have been very cooperative! Getting a nice limit has … Continue reading

Boca Grande fishing report for January 2015

Happy New year everyone and I hope you have a very blessed 2015!! The weather this January has been beautiful lately! Temperatures in the mid 70’s to low 80’s have kept the bait around and the fish have been loving it! Snook, redfish, trout, flounder and pompano have all come aboard recently. Boca Grande Fishing Report   The redfish have finally started to show up recently. Earlier in December I was struggling a little but now I’m catching them pretty consistently. Most of the reds have been in the 24″-30″ range and weighing 5 lb. – 10lb. There has also been a ton of “rat” reds that are under 18″ as well, which is fun while your waiting to catch … Continue reading

Reelfishing Charters November 2014 Fishing Forecast

As we got into November the temperatures have cooled off a little but fishng in Boca Grande is still getting some hot rod bending action. Reds are still chewing it up, Snook are big and fattening up for winter and the big trout have started to show up. November on the flats is looking pretty good! Boca Grande Fishing Charters Snook fishing continues to rack up some big boys! I am still averaging 20-30 fish a day with the average fish being 24″-26″ and weighing around 5lb-6lbs. Fishing for big snook has been very good  lately as well. I have had a ton of fish in the 28″ to 30″ range and have been regularly catching fish well over 36″. … Continue reading

Fishing in Boca Grande is on Fire! October 2014 Fishing Forecast

Fishing in Boca Grande has been nothing short of phenomenal lately! I am consistently having 100 plus fish days on my flats/inshore trips! Redfish, snook, trout and snapper are all getting in on the action and keeping rods bent and drags screaming! That’s not all that is happening the tarpon are still here and chewing like mad, big sharks are all over and Goliath grouper are crushing just about every bait they see. To say the fishing has been good is a huge understatement. If you want to do some serious catching now is the time to go!! Fishing in Boca Grande is on Fire!   Snook fishing has been outstanding. I am averaging 30-50 fish a day with the … Continue reading

August Equals Awesome Fishing

As July comes to an end and August arrives the weather is hot and so is the fishing! The Tarpon are chewing, the reds are starting to school up, snook are in the passes and snapper are all over! All in all,  we are catching fish and keeping the rods bent. August Tarpon Eating It Up! The tarpon fishing action is still going strong! The big schools have broke up but lots of fish are still hanging around Boca Grande pass,the beaches and the upper harbor. Artificial baits like DOA Baitbusters and Storm swim baits have been very effective as well as live-bait. If you want to catch a tarpon it not too late! Redfish are finally starting to school … Continue reading

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing 2014

This is just a brief recap of this year’s Boca Grande tarpon fishing season. It was interesting just like every year. We had to deal with some crazy weather in May, June was as hot as ever and the sharks were generally a complete pain in the butt! Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing May 2014 was a real challenge at times. We had so many days of 20 mph winds that it was driving us(the guides) insane. The lack of flats fishing bait this year also made it really hard to fall back on some awesome flats fishing action during bad weather. Basically, we just had to tough it out and get on some tarpon! The good part was when we … Continue reading

Boca Grande Fishing Charters March 2014 Forecast

The fishing the past week has been on fire! Tons of snook, huge reds and big gator trout! Sharks are all over and I’m even seeing some tarpon. March is shaping up to be one drag screaming good time! Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing   Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing season is only a month or so away and with the numbers of fish I am already seeing, this season is shaping up to be a good one. I am already over half way booked for April, May and June so if you are wanting to fish with me this year you need to start planning soon. Boca Grande Fishing Charters The BIG Reds have been chewing like mad on Boca Grande … Continue reading

Cape Coral Fishing Charters February 2014 Forecast

Cape Coral fishing charters has been racking up the reds and slaying the trout! This January has definitely seen its fair share up crazy weather! Cold front after cold front seemed to line up and come through every week. The good news is that in between the fronts the fish kept on chewing. Boca Grande Tarpon fishing season is just around the corner. I have had a lot of inquires for the 2014 Tarpon season already and I can’t urge you enough to start planning NOW! I still have plenty of openings but if you want to book specific dates you need to begin making your plans. Cape Coral Fishing Charters Cape Coral fishing charters for redfish have been pretty good … Continue reading

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing 2014 Hill Tide Dates

2014 is here and Boca Grande Tarpon fishing season is just around the corner. I have had a lot of inquires for the 2014 Tarpon season already and I can’t urge you enough to start planning NOW! I still have plenty of openings but if you want to book specific dates you need to begin making your plans. The following is a list of the “Hill Tide” dates for 2014 based on the Full and New moons for Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing. These dates are ABSOLUTELY NOT the only time to catch Tarpon in Boca Grande! They are simply very consistent times based upon the moon phase and tides. Boca Grande Tarpon fishing is just as good the rest of the season but it … Continue reading

Cape Coral Fishing Charters January 2014 Forecast

Happy New Year everyone! 2013 was a phenomenal year here at Reelfishing and I would like to thank all of you for your business and I hope you all have a blessed year! 2014 is here and the fishing on Cape Coral fishing charters is pretty good. Lots of big reds have been all over the flats, keeper trout are in almost every pothole and even big snook have all been chewing lately.  Add in the occasional sheepshead , flounder and pompano and January is looking like it is going to be a great month! Cape Coral Fishing Charters The redfish fishing on Cape Coral fishing charters has been very good lately. The low tides   matched with the recent … Continue reading

Punta Gorda Fishing Charters November 2013 Forecast

  The weather has begun to cool down in Southwest Florida but the fishing on Punta Gorda fishing charters is still phenomenal! Redfish continue to feed like mad, snook are fattening up for winter, big trout are all over the place and the variety of fish I’m catching is crazy! Everything from bonito to tarpon and its November! Rods are staying bent on Punta Gorda fishing charters and I can only pray that the fishing stays like this the rest of the year! Punta Gorda Fishing Charters The redfish fishing on Punta Gorda Fishing Charters continues to be outstanding. I continue to consistently produce 50 plus fish a trip. The schools are beginning to break up and there are scattered … Continue reading

Boca Grande Fishing Charters October Forecast

The fishing this fall has absolutely been some of the best fishing I have seen in many years! The redfish are everywhere, snook are feeding like mad, tarpon are crashing ladyfish, snapper are hitting everything that touches the water, big trout are on every flat and this year’s pompano run is huge! That all adds up to a lot of rod bending action and some pretty good eating too! Boca Grande Fishing Charters The redfish fishing (or maybe I should say catching) on Boca Grade Fishing Charters has been unreal! I have had 50-100 fish day after 50-100 fish day! It’s literally catching not fishing! The reds continue to crush everything in sight.  Live bait has been the most effective, … Continue reading

Boca Grande Fishing Charters September Forecast

The fishing this September is absolutely on fire! The redfish fishing is some of the best I have seen in recent years and the late season Boca Grande tarpon fishing is unbelievable! Snook are still in and around the passes. Snapper, Pompano and big trout continue to make it the table. All together Boca Grande fishing charters are tearing the fish up! Boca Grande Fishing Charters Like I said earlier Boca Grande fishing charters for redfish is some of the best I have seen in recent years. I have had multiple 50-100 fish days recently and even had a 38 fish day on fly! The early morning bite on artificial continues to be outstanding as the reds are readily smashing … Continue reading

Boca Grande Fishing Charters August Forecast

August is here and the fishing in as hot as the weather! Tarpon are feeding, the reds are schooling, snook are in the passes, snapper are all over and I’m even catching some pompano! To sum it up the Boca Grande fishing charters are catching fish. Boca Grande Fishing Charters Boca Grande fishing charters for redfish has really picked up. The reds have schooled up and as of this post I have found 10 different schools! They have been all over topwater plugs especially first thing in the morning. Live bait has been really effective as well and if I can get the school to stop and fedd  you can literally catch one every cast! I have had multiple 40 … Continue reading

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing July Forecast

The month of June ended the way it began with some stellar Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing! I had multiple double digit hook up days and no tropical storm to deal with!  The other upside is that the boat traffic has REALLY gone down this last week, which is awesome. July is looking like it’s going to be really good. Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing The 2013 Boca Grande tarpon fishing season continues to be just phenomenal.  Thousands of fish are still here in Southwest Florida, there are large schools still in the pass and beaches and tons of fish have already moved into Charlotte Harbor to feed after they have spawned. These fish will stay here throughout the summer and the … Continue reading

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing June Forecast

The first few days of June started with a bang! I jumped a whopping 17 on the 1st and 16 on the 3rd. For those of you who don’t know much about Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing, that’s really good! Since then we have had a tropical storm brewing in the gulf and bringing tons of wind and rain with it, basically putting a stop to tarpon fishing for the time being but Don’t worry! Boca Grande Tarpon fishing will be back in full swing in a few days as the storm passes and I expect the Boca Grande tarpon fishing to continue to be outstanding. Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing I have to honestly say that the 2013 Boca Grande tarpon … Continue reading

Boca Grande Fishing Charters May Forecast

May is here and the Boca Grande Tarpon fishing season is in full swing. Thousands of Tarpon have made their way to Southwest Florida and the bite has been pretty good. Boca Grande fishing charters have not only been producing some great Tarpon fishing but the flats’ fishing has been very good as well. Snook, redfish, big trout, Spanish mackerel, Mangrove snapper and cobia have all been caught in recent weeks. Boca Grande Tarpon fishing charters The tarpon are here and for most of May, June and July they will be the focus of Boca Grande fishing charters. I have had some great days recently landing as many as 9 and jumping up to 15 fish in a single day. … Continue reading

Boca Grande Fishing Charters April Forecast

Sorry that I have not gotten to Boca Grande Fishing Charters April report until now but I have been super busy! I just received my new Skeeter SX24, which I could not be happier with and I fished a tournament last weekend and won. So between rigging a new boat, fishing a tournament and guiding from sun up to sunset I just haven’t had the time. I have to say Thank You to all my clients old and new that are making 2013 a wonderful year. Well, it is officially spring! The cold weather that we experienced in March is long gone. The Tarpon are here and as of this posting I have already boated 10. Not bad for only … Continue reading

Boca Grande Fishing Charters March Forecast

Wow! That’s all I can say about the last 2 weeks of February and March is going to be even better! Boca Grande fishing charters are producing some crazy numbers of Snook, Reds and Trout. Our charters have enjoyed multiple 50 – 60 fish days and I’m not talking about a bunch of small fish. I’m talking about some real quality. Snook up to 15 lbs, reds over 10 lbs and trout up to 30″! Charlotte Harbor is really turning on and the drags are gonna scream in March. Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing The 2013 Boca Grande Tarpon fishing season is right around the corner. As of now I am already over half way booked for April, May and June … Continue reading

Boca Grande Fishing Charters February Forecast

Not Much has changed here is Southwest Florida since January. The weather is still beautiful with highs in the 70’s and the fish are still chewing like mad. Boca Grande fishing charters are still producing great numbers of reds, big trout and snook but the Pompano, flounder and sheepshead have really been making a showing. I’m not really targeting them either; they just seem to be all around the trout and reds. Got to love that, it just means more rod bending action!   Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing The 2013 Boca Grande Tarpon fishing is just 3 short months away. I have plenty of dates still open but they are disappearing very quickly. If you are planning a Tarpon fishing … Continue reading

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