Fly Fishing Charters

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Please Note. All fishing charters are NOT the same. We have over 20 years guiding experience, 50 plus tournament wins and use only the best equipment. Guaranteed fish!! That’s what we do!

January – March

4 Hours          $ 450*
6 Hours          $ 650*
8 Hours          $ 800*

April – July

6 Hours $750**
12 Hours $1400**

August – December

4 Hours          $ 450*
6 Hours          $ 650*
8 Hours          $ 800*

**  Due to high demand for Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing we only run 6 hour trips from April thru July and these trips are $750. They run from 7:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-8:00pm.**


Sight fishing

A combination of Orvis reels and G-Loomis rods make up Captain Danny’s fly arsenal. If you want to bring your own equipment, Southwest Florida is truly a great play ground to break in a new outfit.  We generally use 8-12 weight rods for these fish with a good drag system on your reels because they will burn a cheap drag up in a hurry.  Most of the fish will be in 1-3 feet of water so we use floating and intermediate sinking lines. .

Captain Danny also provides a number of custom tied flies that work particularly well in Southwest Florida.


Speckled Trout
Black Drum

*Communication is an important part of each charter that ensures Capt. Danny provides you with a courteous, professional, enjoyable and memorable fishing experience. As a result if you require access to facilities, have special needs or want to target a specific fish please let him know. Remember, you normally catch more fish if you go after what is biting. So, to help make your trip a success, please communicate your wishes and needs to the captain prior to the trip

**Please remember that the availability of certain species depends on tides, season, weather and amount of fishing time invested.

Details about our Fly fishing charters

We supply the gear or you can bring your own
We supply flies and leaders or you may bring your own.
Eye protection must be worn at all times
Lessons provided
Generally only one angler casting on a boat at a time.

Want to go Fly Fishing?

As an experienced Boca Grande fishing guide and fly tier, I love to teach people the art of fly fishing. Having fly fished for years, stripping in a perfect cast and watching a fish eat your offering of fur and feathers still gets my blood going. I supply a wide range of custom tied flies (like my Latham’s Crab and Latham’s Shrimp featured in Orvis) and top quality rods and reels. Feel free to bring your own equipment because I love to see new patterns and equipment. Whether you’re after 100+ pound Tarpon, a tailing Red, or the Snook of a lifetime, I always look forward to catching fish on fly.

Boca Grande fishing charters is one of the premier flats fly fishing areas in the world, with thousands of acres of flats, mangrove filled backwaters and back bays. It is no wonder fishermen come from around the world to fish its pristine waters. Probably the very best fly fishing experienced in Charlotte Harbor is the Snook, Redfish and Trout. The shallow clear water they inhabit makes them a favorite among Boca Grande fishing guides, and the fly fisherman they take in search of them. On an average day with an experienced charter captain, a client can expect a dozen or so Snook on the fly. On a superior day with a Boca Grande fishing guide, clients may battle 20 or more Snook and on the best days upwards of 50 Snook. Most of the Snook will range in the 21 to 26 inch class with an occasional 30 plus incher. On a 8 or 9 weight fly rod in 3 feet of water, especially when classic sight fishing, getting to watch an average size 25 inch Snook run up and grab your fly is spectacular fun. Along with their notorious hard pulling runs, the Snook is a hard adversary to beat. For the Boca Grande fishing guide the Snook is probably the most popular fish that clients love to catch. They eat flies well, and they are very consistent from day to day.

Redfish are the other favorite target of fly fisherman in Charlotte Harbor. They inhabit many of the similar waters of the Snook. Many times a Charlotte Harbor fly fisherman may catch a redfish mixed in with Snook. Charlotte Harbor fishing is renowned for its large schools of massive reds, sometimes so large they turn the water orange. These large schools of redfish are favorites among Boca Grande fishing guides and their charters. They are extremely susceptible to fall for the angler’s flies when feeding in such a large pack. Usually the larger schools are fish of the same size. It seems they are usually all 18 to 26 inches or sometimes 27 to 35 inches when they are in the larger schools. In the dead of the winter, you will get schools of smaller fish, and sometimes in the fall you will find schools of larger ones, with some Boca Grande redfish exceeding 40 inches.

Boca Grande fishing guides and their fly fishermen also enjoy angling for Speckled Trout. During the spring these fish get up 8lbs but the average is 1-2lbs. What they lack for in fighting power, they make it up in numbers. It is always a nice bonus to finish off a backwater slam, a Snook, Redfish and Trout in the same day. They are also great eating.

The Snook, Redfish and Trout are the most sought after species for Charlotte Harbor fishermen. The fly fishermen also enjoy great Pompano fishing on an eight or nine weight fly rod with 2 to 6 pounders making for great sport. Jack Crevalle also creates an explosive fly fishing experience. Many times they can be found cruising the shallow flats of Charlotte Harbor. They can approach 30 pounds and readily take flies. In the spring and fall Charlotte Harbor gets a very good run of Cobia at times, most range from 15 to 50 pounds and sometimes over 80 pounds. They usually are found following Rays. At that point all it takes is a well-placed crab or pinfish imitation, and its game on. If good fishing with lots of action is all you are looking for or maybe your a beginner, Charlotte Harbor flats are always teaming with lady fish and at 1 to 4 pounds they are hard fighters, easy to catch, high jumping and numerous. For the Boca Grande fishing guides and their fishermen, fishing in Charlotte Harbor is a dream come true.

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