Fort Myers Fishing Charters

Fort Myers Fishing Charters


Please Note. All fishing charters are NOT the same. We have over 20 years guiding experience, 50 plus tournament wins and use only the best equipment. Guaranteed fish!! That’s what we do!


4 Hours          $ 450*
6 Hours          $ 650*
8 Hours          $ 800*

April -July

6 Hours $750**
12 Hours $1400**


4 Hours          $ 450*
6 Hours          $ 650*
8 Hours          $ 800*

*No Fish-No Pay Guarantee!!! If you don’t catch a gamefish on one of my  backcountry/flats trips the trip is free! Guaranteed! No questions asked!*

 **  Due to high demand for Tarpon Fishing we only run 6 hour trips from April thru July and these trips are $750. They run from 7:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-8:00pm.**

Looking for Fort Myers Fishing Charters?

Whether you live in the area or you are just here visiting, consider what a good time you could have with family or friends on a fishing charter. From the hardcore angler to the nature lover there is something for everyone.

If you fall under the hardcore angler category then Fort Myers fishing charters are a dream come true. Having traveled all over the country fishing we can say that for the avid angler the Fort Myers area is second to none. You may ask yourself, “What makes this area so special?” There are a number of things. First, it is the sheer number of species that you can target. We Target over twenty species on Fort Myers fishing Charters! Second, is  the  abundance of these fish. No matter what time of year and no matter what the weather, there are always plenty of fish to be caught. On a full day inshore fishing charter, 30-40 fish days are the average but 100+ fish days are not uncommon. Last, there is the fact that some of these fish are bigger than some people, weighing well over 150lbs!

If you’re a nature lover, you will see nature at its finest. Just imagine miles of sandy white beaches stretching along the coast with numerous birds, dolphins, and of course fish. These beautiful beaches offer some outstanding fishing opportunities and most of the fish are often caught within sight of them. There are also the endless saltwater flats and mangrove lined shorelines of Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound that help make up this pristine estuary. These shorelines offer some of the finest inshore fishing anywhere, year-round. Many species abound in this unique ecosystem and we often see dolphin, turtles, manatees, pelicans and numerous other birds as well as rays, sharks and other fish as they swim around in the clear inshore waters of our saltwater flats.

Fort Myers is also a very convenient fishing destination to access because of its international airport. Fort Myers International Airport (RSW) allows business travelers the opportunity to fly into Fort Myers for business and then sneak out for a day of fishing, all within the same trip.  We also have group and corporate packages for businesses seeking to entertain their employees or clients.  We believe there is no better way to build  business relationships and impress new clients than by a day of fishing.

What about Tarpon?

The Fort Myers area is considered by many to be one of the best tarpon fisheries in the world! Every Spring thousands of tarpon migrate through the area on their way to their spawning grounds in near by Boca Grande. They stay here from April thru September. If you happen to be here during that time you need to go Boca Grande Tarpon fishing and be ready for some of the most exciting fishing you’ll ever expierince!

What about Snook and Redfish?

If your looking to catch some Snook and Redfish, the Fort Myers area offers some of the best in the world!

Snook abound in this unque estuary and are target all year. In the spring months Snook emerge from their winter homes ready to eat. During summer they feed like mad as they     prepare for their annual spawn and as we get into late summer huge spawning groups congregate around the passes and beaches. Fall time brings a post spawn feeding bonanza  and in the winter they move back into their deepwater haunts.  The snook fishing is awesome and 50 plus fish days are not uncommon!

Redfish are also year round residence! Miles and miles of grass flats provide the ultimate habitat for these “bull dog” of the back bay. They are aggresive feeders, hard fighters and pretty tasty as well. That’s why they are one of our most targeted species. If you are wanting to go on a redfish mission the Fall is the best time. Huge schoools of reds infest the backwater and they are straght up wanting to eat! Most of the schools will have a hundred or more fish and the fish will average around 30 inches, weighing around 10lb-12lbs.

Is the fishing on Fort Myers fishing charters really that good?

Well, YES! With over 129 square miles of pristine estuary and the Gulf of Mexico just minutes away you couldn’t ask for a more ideal fishing location. Miles of gorgeous grass flats and acres of secluded backcountry provide limitless opportunities on Fort Myers fishing charters that will satisfy even the most demanding of anglers.


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