Shark Fishing Charters

Shark Fishing Charters


Please Note. All fishing charters are NOT the same. We have over 20 years guiding experience, 50 plus tournament wins and use only the best equipment. 

January – March

4 Hours          $ 450*
6 Hours          $ 650*
8 Hours          $ 800*

April – July

6 Hours $750**
12 Hours $1400**

August – December

4 Hours          $ 450*
6 Hours          $ 650*
8 Hours          $ 800* *

**  Due to high demand for Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing we only run 6 hour trips From April thru July and these trips are $750. They run from 7:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-8:00pm.**

Catch and Release only!


Live and dead bait; Chumming; Light Tackle

Captain Danny spends quite a bit of time preparing for each and every charter. You can have confidence that you’ll be fishing with first-class equipment that is perfectly rigged. You’re going to be targeting fish that will look for any opportunity to gain the upper hand, and Captain Danny does his best to give you every advantage.


Hammerhead Shark
Bull Shark
Lemon Shark
Blacktip Shark
Spinner Shark

Ever dream of catching a Shark?

If it’s Boca Grande fishing charters for Sharks that haunt your dreams look no further because we have a lot of them in Boca Grande and all of Southwest Florida.  Because of the abundance of food (prey) and warm water temperatures sharks have long considered Charlotte Harbor and Southwest Florida to be their domain. Often times they feel the need to prove it by unexpectedly attacking anglers fish while reeling them in from the clear green water.  Generally the species of Sharks we will encounter are Bull Sharks, Hammer Head Sharks, Lemon Sharks, and Black Tip Sharks ranging in sizes from 5-18 Feet Long. If you are among those that feel that humans are the dominant species in the world I invite you to come aboard my boat and strap yourself to an average 6-10 foot shark.  I guarantee your opinion will change about who really rules the oceans.

How do you fish for Sharks in Boca Grande and Southwest Florida?

Sharks are a diverse group of incredibly powerful yet graceful ocean creatures. Some sharks require heavy tackle, while some can be taken on light spinning tackle or fly rods. Captain Danny has recognized sharks for their great sport fishing potential for many years. Boca Grande fishing guides value them for their hard fights, long runs and aggressive behavior.

In the Boca Grande are we generally stake out on channel edges and chum using fresh caught fish.  It normally takes anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes to attract a good amount of sharks. Sharks can be caught in great numbers and 20 plus fish days are not uncommon. Sharks are an apex predator and experiencing the rush of adrenaline as a 100 pound plus shark gets on your line with a serious interest in survival and kicking your butt is something that most anglers will never forget.

When is the best time to go Shark Fishing?

In Boca Grande and Southwest Florida the fishing season is year round for sharks and anglers of all ages and skill levels can take advantage of these fantastic and aggressive creatures. Normally we will do more shark fishing in the spring and summer time because more sharks have migrated to the area for the abundance of food that the Charlotte Harbor area offers.

What if I am just learning to fish? I’m not sure I am ready for a large Shark.
Not to worry.  We have all different size sharks here in Southwest Florida.  So if you don’t think you are ready to catch a big shark we can easily find sharks that even young children can handle. Juvenile sharks can be found roaming the shallow flats in search of food anywhere in Florida.  Often times we see them when we are targeting other fish. Captain Danny will custom tailor your Boca Grande shark fishing charter to fit the experience level of the anglers to guarantee a good time for the kids as well as the adults.

Conservation for Sharks

With over 100 species of sharks living in the Gulf of Mexico near Charlotte Harbor it only makes sense that we fish for them. Even though Sharks can often seem like they are a nuisance, they are actually very important to the ecosystem.  Sharks help maintain the balance of marine life in the shallow flats as well as the open ocean.  So when we catch these powerful fish we always practice catch and release so they may continue to do their job. Most of the sharks put up a tremendous fight and they’re always released to fight another day.

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