Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing

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Please Note. All Boca Grande Tarpon fishing charters are NOT the same. We have over 20 years guiding experience, 50 plus tournament wins and use only the best equipment. 


April – July

6 hr am – $750 (half day, 7am-1pm)*
6 hr pm – $750 (half day, 2pm-8pm)*
12hr- $1400 (whole day, 7am-8pm)**

August – November

4hr – $450
6hr – $650
8hr – $800

* Due to high demand for Tarpon Fishing charters we only run 6 hour trips April thru July and these trips are $750. They run from 7:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-8:00pm.*

Tackle & Techniques for Boca Grande Tarpon fishing

Captain Danny spends quite a bit of time preparing for each and every Boca Grande Tarpon fishing charter. You can have confidence that you’ll be fishing with first-class equipment that is flawlessly rigged. You’re going to be targeting fish that will look for any opportunity to gain the upper hand, and Captain Danny does his best to give you every advantage. Therefore, Boca Grande Tarpon fishing requires top quality tackle and that’s why Captain Danny uses Shimano reels matched to G-Loomis rods, spooled with 50-80lb Power Pro braided line for the perfect Boca Grande tarpon fishing outfit.

Live Crabs, Threadfin Herring, Pinfish, Squirrelfish, Ladyfish, and Mullet along with an assortment of artificial lures are provided on your Boca Grande Tarpon fishing charter.

Want to go Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing?

Boca Grande tarpon fishing is absolutely some of the best tarpon fishing in the world. As a matter of fact, Boca Grande is also known as “The Tarpon Capital of the World” and with claims like that Boca Grande tarpon fishing must be very good.

What makes Boca Grande tarpon fishing so good? It starts with Boca Grande pass. Annually hundreds of thousands of hungry tarpon migrate to Boca Grande pass and its surrounding areas to breed. They usually show up in April, hungry after a long journey and wanting to fatten up for the spawn. In May they begin to gather into large breed schools to socialize and prepare for the spawn. In June they stay in these large breed schools, sometimes 500 fish or more, and spawn on the strongest tides of the year or “hill tides.” After the spawn is over in June many of these fish migrate back to where they came from but thousands of fish stay in the area to feed. The abundance of food, comprising of a large variety of bait fish, crabs and shrimp, is the second reason Boca Grande tarpon fishing is so good. These fish will stay in the area until October or November when the first couple of cold fronts bring cooler water temperatures.

When people talk about Boca Grande tarpon fishing, they usually assume that you’re fishing Boca Grande pass. If you have ever watched Boca Grande tarpon fishing on television, or have looked at pictures of the pass during tarpon season, then you have noticed that it can get very crowded. Unlike some Boca Grande fishing guides Captain Danny does not limit himself to one style of tarpon fishing or to one area. He takes his clients to where the best tarpon fishing is. Although he does fish the pass on occasion, he prefers to take his Boca Grande fishing charters on the surrounding waters along the beaches and up into Charlotte Harbor or Pine Island sound. The crowds are much smaller and the fishing can be just as good if not better than the pass.

If you are staying in Fort Myers don’t despair. We can pick you up out of beautiful Burnt Store Marina. Burnt Store Marina is located only minutes away from Fort Myers and more importantly only minutes away from the some of the best tarpon fishing in the world.

“Hill Tide” Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Charters

The Boca Grande area is considered by many to be “Ground Zero” for the Tarpon spawn in early summer. Every year we see a crab flow around the full and new moons of May, June and July that drives the Tarpon INSANE! Most years during the spring tides of the full and new moon, hundreds of thousands of “pass crabs” are washed out from Charlotte Harbor en-route to spawn. During this natural phenomenon, the tarpon cruise well inside the pass to an area called “The Hill.” During a good hill tide, countless Tarpon are whipped into a feeding frenzy as vulnerable crabs are plentiful and make for easy prey. Picture a school of Bass or Bluefish terrorizing a school of baitfish on the surface of the water. Now picture the same thing, except make these fish between 60 and 200+lbs! They rarely turn down a properly presented live crab as bait and double or even triple hookups are not uncommon during these feeding frenzies. Hill tides are fairly easy to predict based on a combination of full/new moons and strong outgoing tides that take place late in the day. Some of the most memorable Boca Grande tarpon fishing charters in recent years have taken place during “The Hill” tides.

Beach Tarpon Fishing Charters

There are miles of pristine beaches along the Southwest coast of Florida and during May, June and July there are thousands of Tarpon using these beaches as a natural highway during their annual migration. During Tarpon Season in Southwest Florida you can expect to follow the old saying “The Early Bird Gets the Worm”. A typical morning starts by meeting at the dock about 30 Minutes before first light. The reason being a Tarpon is primarily a nocturnal eating species so fishing the first few hours of daylight is very crucial. If you love to hunt and stalk your fish, this is the place for you. Boca Grande tarpon fishing along the beach is primarily done by sight fishing. As the Tarpon are spotted the boat is carefully positioned to allow anglers to cast live baits at the approaching fish. From the millisecond it takes them to bite your bait to the minute your captain releases your fish to fight another day, this fish will leave a memory with you that you will never forget!

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Charters on Fly

“Silver King” or Tarpon, whatever you call it you certainly won’t forget it. Boca Grande tarpon fishing is one of the most exhilarating experiences known on the planet! From the millisecond it takes them to bite your fly to the minute your captain releases your fish to fight another day, this fish will leave a memory with you I promise you will never forget! The acrobatic jumps, the violent crashing of water, the long screaming runs and the overall respect you gain after the fight truly gives it the name “Silver King

Fly fishing for tarpon in Boca Grande is one of the world’s ultimate challenges. Though it is challenging for the charter captain and his fishing charter, there is nothing more rewarding and no place better than fishing in Boca Grande. Boca Grande Tarpon fishing charters are available 9 months of the year, but the best time for fly fishing is May thru July, during the peak migration.

This is the time of year that the best tarpon fishing is done by sight fishing, which makes for prime fly fishing opportunities. Casting to schools of 50 to up over 1000 fish usually in water less than 20ft., make the tarpon very vulnerable to the fly. Fly rods of 11 and 12 weight are a must here because of the size of the tarpon, which can exceed 200 pounds.

There is also some sight fishing in the Back Bays in August through October which is good for catching tarpon on the fly, but nothing like the migration beginning in May. If a Tarpon on the fly is what you desire then Boca Grande is where you need to go.


Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing (late season)


March – April and August – November

4hr – $450
6hr – $600
8hr – $800

Is Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing good After July?

As the month of July comes to an end and the Tarpon have finished their annual spawning ritual, everyone thinks that Boca Grande Tarpon fishing is over. Many of the misconceptions of when exactly the Tarpon are in the Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor areas are based around when the Tarpon are highly concentrated in, and very near Boca Grande Pass during the spawn which is commonly perceived as Tarpon “season” in May, June, and July. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Just because the fish are not stuffed into Boca Grande Pass does not mean that they all left. The truth is that thousands of fish stay and feed until the first couple of cold fronts arrive in late October or November. Some of my best days Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing have been in the latter part of the summer when the crowds are significantly smaller. The best part is that it’s more affordable as I go back to my Boca Grande Fishing Charters rates.

Charlotte Harbor, Boca Grande, Matlatcha, Pine Island Sound, and the Myakka and Peace Rivers are all homes to late and early season Tarpon as well as some year-round residents. These fish are usually found in loose groups or small pods rather than the massive schools you see during the spawn. It may take a little more time to find them but it will be well worth it. These fish are here to eat not breed!

The other great thing about late season Boca Grande tarpon fishing is the fact that there are almost no boats. It’s not uncommon to leave the dock in August, September or October and fish for hours without seeing another soul while having tarpon roll all around the boat and explode into the air while tight to your line. This is not the fast and furious fishing of peak season but the rewards can be just as plentiful and a lot more relaxing. Give it a try and you will become a believer too!

What time of year is best for Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing?

Spring Tarpon Fishing charters

March – April (Excellent)

The early spring months are when the migration of Tarpon into Southwest Florida begins. Each year thousands of Tarpon make their way to the Boca Grande area. When they arrive they are hungry and wanting to fatten up as they begin gathering up for the spawn.

Summer Tarpon Fishing Charters

May, June, and July (Excellent)

This is probably the most consistent Tarpon fishing of the year. Due to their desire to spawn they begin to gather into large breed schools to socialize. They stay in these large breed schools, sometimes 500 fish or more, and spawn on the strongest tides of the year or “hill tides.” The fishing in and near Boca Grande Pass and the surrounding beaches is something that few anglers ever forget!

Fall Tarpon Fishing Charters

August, September, October and November(Excellent)

Like I said earlier this is some of the best tarpon fishing of the year. The best part is that the crowds are way smaller and the fish are there to eat after their annual spawn.

Winter Tarpon Fishing Charters

December, January and February (poor)

I hate to say it but I am only being honest. If you really want to catch a big Tarpon this time of year you need to go somewhere else. Yes, we do have tarpon here during the winter months but targeting them consistently is very hard at best.

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